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Wellness Care

True Companion Veterinary Care provides complete wellness care for your pets, including comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite evaluation (fecal), and laboratory testing.

Our doctors provide medical recommendations for the wellness care of your pet based on their age and life-style, following veterinary guidelines established by the American Association of Animal Hospitals (AAHA), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS).

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Sick Patients

Whether treated as an out-patient or hospitalized, True Companion Veterinary Care will provide excellent care for your sick pet, including examination, diagnostics and necessary medical care.

Our state-of-the-art hospital includes a full in-house laboratory, digital radiography, ultrasound, laser therapy, full pharmacy oxygen therapy and surgical care.

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Anesthesia and Surgery

Patients that require anesthesia have a full physical examination, bloodwork evaluation and an anesthetic protocol tailored to their needs to ensure safe, smooth anesthesia.

Patients are monitored by trained personnel with pulse oximetry, ECG, blood pressure and temperature during anesthesia, and receive IV fluids and heat support during their procedures.

Careful consideration is given to pain control before, during and after surgery.

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Dental Care

We provide complete dental care for your pet, including dental cleaning (also called prophylaxis), digital dental radiography (x-rays) and oral surgery for extractions if needed.

Dental cleanings for veterinary patients are performed just like human patients with one exception: veterinary patients must be under anesthesia to properly clean and evaluate their teeth. This often makes dental cleanings scary for pet parents.

We want to assure you that your pet will have the absolute best medical care before, during and after anesthesia with pre-dental bloodwork, an anesthetic and pain protocol tailored to their individual needs, complete monitoring with trained and skilled personnel, and state-of-the-art medical equipment to ensure a safe procedure.

Most patients go home the same day after their procedures. We also provide tools and education for the continued dental care of your pet at home after their procedure.

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True Companion Veterinary Care has a full in-house laboratory utilizing IDEXX equipment for sick patients or surgeries, which is considered the gold standard in veterinary medicine.

We also utilize IDEXX reference laboratories for some tests such as monitoring early kidney disease with the SDMA marker and heart disease with the cardioBNP marker.

Other tests such as heartworm, pancreatitis, feline leukemia/FIV testing, ear cytology, fine needle aspirates and urinalysis.

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Radiology & Ultrasound

We utilize digital radiography (x-rays) as well as digital dental radiography, which allows us to send radiographs (x-rays) for review by board certified Veterinary Radiologists.

Digital radiography also allows us to send records to referring veterinarians for patients who come to True Companion Veterinary Care for after-hour Urgent Care and Emergency Care.

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Companion Laser Therapy

True Companion Veterinary Care is proud to announce the arrival of our Companion Therapy Laser.

The Companion Therapy Laser may be used for many purposes, including managing pain in arthritic animals, speeding wound healing, reducing pain for post-surgical patients, post-dental patients and patients with ear infections.

Laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment modality that can reduce medical care and medications for your pet.

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True Companion Veterinary Care has a full in-house pharmacy to provide for the medical needs of our patients, including heartworm preventions, flea/tick preventions, antibiotics, allergy medications, medications for conditions such as heart problems & kidney problems, ear medications, eye medications, medicated shampoos and Royal Canin prescription diets.

*Please allow 48 hours for all medication refills, this includes Triheart, Trifexis and Bravecto. Once prescription is ready, it must be picked up with in 24 hours. Otherwise, the medication will be put back in stock.

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Information regarding on-line pharmacies:

We do not recommend the purchase of prescription medications such as heartworm and flea prevention from on-line pharmacies such as 1-800 Petmeds or Fosters and Smith. We cannot guarantee the efficacy and safety, or source of these medications, and purchase of these medications from these sources voids the manufacturer’s guarantee if the medication fails. Our hospital pharmacy provides medications purchased directly from the manufacturer and avoids any of these concerns.